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RC Fun For All Ages!

3D's Raceway has everything you need to have fun! Our dirt racetrack is family friendly.

Currently supporting roughly as many as x6 1/18th scale, up to x4 1/10th scale RC vehicles, or x1 1/8th or larger scale at a time.
Nitros welcome!

Coming Soon : outdoor crawler course.

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Rock & Roll

Crawler Course : Coming Soon.


Catch some air!
We have an 1/18th scale-friendly section.

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Our track is privately owned and relies on donations.

Made with Love

3D's (RC) Raceway was built in honor of the original 3D's Raceway dirt go-kart track. The family tradition carries on, the original raceway sign is on display!

News & Updates

2018 - New Track Layout!

3D's Raceway has undergone expansion this year and has a new layout!
The dirt has been re-worked to better support a wider range of RC's!

December 2017 Snow
Can't wait to see what it looks like in 2018?
Come check it out!

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